Stanford Hall Syndicate lake
Gallery of the stunners that reside in the "Big Lake" Stanford Hall's syndicate venue
The Big Girl 34-08 when stocked
Autumn on the syndicate
31lb stockie common oct 16
One of the Big Lake jewels Natalies Fish
One of the fully scaled mirrors at 27-14 Oct 16
Stanford hall 30lb plus original
Ghostie Original
Early winter...
Syndicate leader Big Joe with a chunky common
Classic English Carp.....
Stockpond netted...these carp went in the Big Lake
low twenty stockie
Chunky Sargent
One of the Big Lakes lovely zip linears
Jamie Londors , Ralph and a 30lb Stanford Hall carp
koi with stockies 2012
Young Linear
Cracking Linear
Typical Big Lake young linear
Rods Out
Deep bodied original
A long old original (not the angler)
25lb plus stocked at 10lb in 2011
We've even got some nice plain carp
Rarely caught original
Classic linear
Nice and chunky original
This mid twenty has bags of potential
Not many scales on this... a rarity in the Big Lake
Lots of these young twenties in the Big Lake
Lovely condition near leather
Pristine deep bodied original
Plenty of these pretty fast growing linears in the Big Lake
One of the original warriors
Great shape on this mirror
pretty linear stocked 2011
Dark old warrior
Cracking scales on this
Big plated linear
One of our fast growing fullys
This mid twenty went 4 years between capture and put on 10lb plus
Much sought after Boss Common
rarely caught 25lb plus scaley
Mid twenty
Lots of mid twenty fully scaled mirrors present
One of the 20lb plus zips
Another long original male
mid twenty zip
Very nice long solid mirror
Golden common
linear stocked 2011
linear stocked 2011a
Nice Common
scraper twenty 2012
near leather
mirror stocked 2011
One of the many
Not quite a leather
Fine big plated mirror
Great looking twenty
This young mid twenty is going to be a big fish
nice little scaley
The Syndicate Lake