Upper twenty big plated mirror lords 31-02 nov17 Lovely low twenty fully scaled. December 14. 21 12 lords upper twenty  nov17
lb 8 lords 20-03 oct10 Another leather!! Lords holds a number of fully scaled beauties lords 20-04 sep09
lords 25-06 may08 common Long Lords common image2 image3 image4
kords video shoot lords 20lb plus sept13 Very clean 27lb plus image6 image7 image8
image10 lords 12-00 dec14 Proper upper double leather coming through. Not many leathers about nowadays but we have them to mid twenties and their still growing
Chunky December 14 low twenty. Part of a 4 fish catch. lords 25-12 nov09 Scaley 22-04 typical of the young Lords carp This 30-12 mirror graced the bank in December 14. Has put on 10lb in 3 years. lords 20 apr13
lords stock 23-11-10 1b lords spring 07 004 lords stock 23-11-10 2 lords stock 23-11-10 3a lords stock 23-11-10 4a lords stock 23-11-10 5a
lords stocking 23-11-10 d lords stock 23-11-10 6a lords 31-09 oct13 lords may10 scaley (2) typical lords carp upper double
Chris 20lb 12oz Return lords 26lb may10 (2) Chris 20lb 12oz lords 24-14 apr14 lords 26-06 may14 lords 27-14 may14
Rob 18lb 12oz Rob 19lb7oz Rob 22lb 7oz lords 26-00 june13a lords 29-03 jun13 lords 29-03 jun13a
dan with an end of winter fish 20+ dan with another 20 IMG 0614 IMG 0697 20130814 123932 20130904 163904
lords 19-00 sept13 lords 19-02 sept13 lords 24-00 june13 xfs 600x480 s80 21.04 leather carp lordssunset